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Thoughts on 2021

2021 follows a tough year and the need for comfort is reflected in the home decor trends, from maximising colour and patterns to clean crisp lines and using a softer pallet and earthy tones, it’s all here this year.

If you’re a fan of bold patterns, checks and stripes, mixing and matching is bang on trend! Pops of colour making a bold statement, against a more neutral background make an easier way to update your existing décor.

Warm and comforting browns, rusts, and earthy tones, combined with a warm reds and greens create a wonderful back drop.

As we were all pushed to work from home in 2020 and many of us have continued, have you taken a step back and looked at the space you are using? Is it optimised, style to help you think, feel inspired? As we’re moving back into a more normal state, working from home has stayed, or a hybrid of it so we need to be set up and comfortable.

We’ve gathered some lovely accessories to help you create that warm and comfortable home for Autumn and Winter.

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